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Purposefully Using

Until last year, I don’t think I’ve ever used up a product. I get bored, lose it, or it dries up. It’s a wasteful problem.

At the start of 2016, I made a promise to purposefully use all of my products. It started with makeup. I used to wear makeup once in a while and forget about it for a couple of years, and then all of those products get gross and I buy more.

This year, I finally panned (used it until the pan shows) a product. It felt so good. I also used my travel size pack of face wipes until it was empty. I used up, foundation, and I cut the bottom off a hand lotion to use the last bits of it.

Purposefully using, for me, is prioritizing a product to use to reduce waste. Yes, I have other eye shadow palettes, but I’m so close to the end of this one, I would hate to switch. It also means I make pasta an extra night to use all of the sauce before it goes bad.

Trying to organize and clean out can lead to a lot of waste, and it can be a good thing to throw away things you don’t need or use. Purging is good thing.

However, making sure products you love are used up before they go bad, is a great thing too.

Make sure you purposefully use your things, instead of letting them go to waste.


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